About us

Poly-Production has been selling printed materials and advertising materials for nearly 20 years.

Our top-quality Polyposter® plastic posters are, without doubt, our top-selling product at a very attractive price.

Polyposter® - tried and tested a million times!

We have constantly developed and improved our posters since the inauguration of Polyposter® in 1992. Nowadays, our plastic posters are among the best sold posters for political parties at home and abroad and for a variety of event organizers, as well.


You too must have seen election or circus posters manufactured by us. Due to our long-standing experience we are among the pioneers regarding the use of these kind of advertising media for election campaigns. 

The Polyposter® product

We print the Polyposter® posters directly on hollow polypropylene sheets (also called Cartonplast®).

We use digital printing (for quantities up to 100 pieces) or UV screen-printing.

We can print up to 6 colours at once on the screen printer. We can print borderless in the DIN A0 and DIN A1 formats, in 59,4 x 160 cm as well, both portrait and landscape mode. The holes for attaching cable ties are already provided.

If you do not find your desired format in our shop, you are welcome to send us a request.  We will be glad to submit an individual offer for you. 

Our special service

Our work doesn’t come to an end when delivering the posters. 

Our billposting service

We are also happy to mount your posters on request.

We will manage the billposting licence and make sure that your posters are mounted in your desired distribution area. You can benefit from our reliable network of partners throughout Germany. You are welcome to send us a request. We will be glad to submit an individual offer for you!

Return service

We would be glad to take your posters back for recycling free of charge. The products will be grounded and recycled in Germany. Thus, we bring a valuable contribution to environmental protection. New Polyposter® or even other plastic products can be manufactured from the generated granulated material, thus saving valuable raw materials. You will have to bear only the transportation costs.