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Pieces unit price
from 50 pcs 5,36 €
from 250 pcs 5,48 €
from 350 pcs 5,12 €
from 500 pcs 3,68 €
from 750 pcs 4,36 €
from 1000 pcs 3,34 €
from 1500 pcs 3,12 €
Shipping costs We deliver free of charge Germany-wide. When shipping to other European countries, there will be additional shipping fees. Please consult the information regarding our shipping fees.
Processing All initial printing costs and the costs for the 12-fold perforation are included in the unit price.


Motif change

You can benefit from changing the poster motif when ordering more editions, as you can get convenient bulk prices.

When ordering more editions you can get the cheapest unit prices and you can choose the appropriate motif change from the options displayed, each for additional 9,95 € (plus value-added tax).

Sample calculation:

5 different plastic posters in a DIN A1 format should be produced 500 units each.

5 x 500 pieces Polyposter at a unit price of 1,94 € = final price: 4850,00 €

Instead, you can choose 2500 units
Polyposter® DIN A1 with the option of motif change for 4 units.

2500 Units Polyposter® each for 1,54 € = 3.850,00 €

+ motif change for 4 units                     =     29,85 €


Final price: 3889,80 € (plus value-added tax)


Our special service

Our work doesn’t come to an end when delivering the posters.

Our billposting service

We are also happy to mount your posters on request.

We will manage the billposting licence and make sure that your posters are mounted in your desired distribution area. You can benefit from our reliable network of partners throughout Germany. You are welcome to send us a request. We will be glad to submit an individual offer for you!

Return service

We would be glad to take your posters back for recycling free of charge. The products will be grounded and recycled in Germany. Thus, we bring a valuable contribution to environmental protection. New Polyposter® or even other plastic products can be manufactured from the generated granulated material, thus saving valuable raw materials. You will have to bear only the transportation costs.

Print data & templates

Druckdatenerstellung PolyposterThe Polyposter® print data creation

For executing plastic posters we will require a film-ready file, a print-PDF with a resolution of 150 dpi, not scaled more than 100% of its original size.

Trim: approx. 5 mm

Please pay attention: please leave any trim marks out!

The fonts must be converted to curves (vectors).

The data must be created in CMYK mode.

Black areas and fonts must be applied as 100% K!

Please use our template with the cable tie slots when creating the print data. You will find it for download next to each desired item or at the end of this page.

You should preferably avoid fine negative fonts in four-colour backgrounds, due to slight inaccuracies that may occur during the printing process. In this case, it would be recommended to print the background as an additional colour, in order for the fonts to be easy to read. Fine fonts in 4c can also appear slightly unclear. This can be also improved by printing an additional colour.


Several motifs:

Please clearly name the print data after the following example: amount_format_title.pdf

It is essential that you name the files, particularly when there are several motifs, in order to classify the files correctly.


Perforation templates:

You can download our punching templates for the 12-fold perforation in the desired format. The folder contains a PDF, an EPS and a TIF file each.

Punching template DIN A0

Punching template DIN A1

Punching template DIN B1

Punching template DIN A1 doppel

Punching template DIN B1 doppel